Ferenc Boros

About me

I am Ferenc Boros, photographer.

After the school I was working as photographer for magazines, and later as a picture editor for them. The most well known are Playboy and ELLE. I have got experience in any section of my profession. For today it is as enjoyable form me to take pictures of persons, as taking pictures of objects. These are clearly separated in most photographers job. I have learned a lot from colleges, and even more self-educated. This process is on its way uninterrupted, because of the ceaseless thirst for knowledge and the continuous progress of technology. My statement: It is not the wonder what is missing to the world, but the admiration. I watch the world around me according to my statement. Even though I do not take picture every of my admiration, I collect them in my mind, and I use some of them later in my work.

Photography is the capability of treating light and shapes. Profession. I preferably name myself as a specialist, than an artist, whilst I proudly state that artistic view is inseparable part of my profession. I believe that my profession is a way of art, but I am aware the fact that my clients needs more of a specialist, than an artist.

Later years lecturing on photography and teaching other photographers is also part of my occupation. I could give some of my knowledge to many photographer from beginner level to master courses.