Ferenc Boros


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Dear Visitor,

I am pleased that You see here.

What You might see here? Works of Ferenc Boros. From Black and White Photos to Studio Pictures. The Play of Space, Light ang Shadow, trustworthy Imagery and Abstraction - Real Estate, Architecture and Interior Photography. Exactitude, Elaboration, Clarity and Elegance - Advertising, Commercial Photography, Pack shot, Objects, Still Life. Relationship, empathy - Portrait, Headshot, Beauty photography. Seduction, sensuality, delicacy - Food and Drink Photography. Salute to the Beauty of Human Body - Glamour, Boudoir and Nude Photography. Play and Self-expression, Admiration for Word - personal projects just for fun, for the joy of creating. Documentary, Hard Work, wich might be enjoyable by personal connections and Creativity - Event and Wedding Photography. Toughts, senses, feelings - If it is so, it was worth it, because everey good picture arouse emotions.

To meet the demands and requirements of employers clients and students, I have put Myself through My paces across the range of every genres of photography. I have done it with passionate pleasure, because I always feel joy when I am creating a picture according to the visulaization or conception. Whatever it will be the assignment, I never have to step out from my comfort zone. It is not be given to any photographer. Moreover lot of photographer aspire after to be specialized for one genre of photography. However photography is as a whole for Me when I can take all sector of my profession. This give me the spice and the constant challenge.

I also teach the theory and practice of Photography. From beginner to master leves, including digital afterwork. Here are some of the most important topics: Color theory, posing guide,
Photoshop techniques, objects and Pack Shots, Food Photography, Portrait, Headshot, and Beauty Photography, Glamour, Boudoire and Nude Photography, Real Estate and Architectural Photography, and Experimental Techniques. I was a teacher of several schools for education and vocational training. Now I am the instructor of twoo private company at workshops. Beside that I have private students successively.

I Live in Budapest and most of my jobs happens in the capitol of Hungary, but distance is not constrain me in my Country. Moreover it is not an obstacle abroad. My profession took me from Debrecen to Zalaegerszeg, from Bosphorus to the far side of the Atlantic Ocean, from the Arctic Circle beyond the Tropic of Cancer. By car, on board of a ship or an airplane. What is more, I have lived my passions underground and under the water: understanding the World and creating pictures.

I am a lucky man.